Day 11 – Belorado to Ages

Despite not getting very good sleep, today was a prett decent day. It started off with perfect weather (cool and cloudy).

It was muggy but cool most of the day, which was good because we had two larger hills to climb. I tend to compare all hills to day 1, even though I probably shouldn’t. But doing so means those hills feel like nothing. So the daunting hills of today were actually pretty easy. 

In the middle of the 12km stretch with no villages was an Oasis. It was a roadside art stop with all kinds of interesting art and totem poles. This happened to be a great spot for some selfies. 

Tomorrow everyone on my same Camino schedule reaches Burgos. This is the first major city after Pamplona. It’s a place many will take a rest day. It’s also a jumping off or jumping on point for many. I’m curious how many of my Camino friends and familiar faces I’ll see after I take a rest day in Burgos. I also wonder how many new faces I’ll start to see on the way. 

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