Day 14: Boente to O Pedrouzo

27.5 km / 17 miles

The day before the last day. The mixed emotions always come out the day before. There’s a sadness that it’s ending and you will have to say goodbyes to folks that helped shape your experience in positive ways. But then there’s a desire by your body to be done being tortured for a bit. 😃

Today started out rough. The cold I’ve had is now in the lingering cough stage and it’s a bad cough. I basically spent all night coughing last night and maybe only got an hour of sleep. Having a tough night after a fairly lonely evening in a town where I seemed to know no pilgrims, it made me sad these were some of the last moments of my Camino – a Camino that’s been full of its challenges.

Luckily today I still seemed to have energy for walking and got going around 7:15am. I saw very few pilgrims for the first two hours of the walk, which was nice since I was still dealing with the mental frustration from a poor night’s sleep.

The scenery today, while beautiful in its own way, paled highly in comparison to the scenery I’ve seen previously on this walk. I do agree that this path has been quite beautiful much of the way as it was advertised.

Since tomorrow will only be about 19-20 km, and all through the outskirts of Santiago, I may not get to see many more of my cow friends from here on out. But luckily I got treated with a very cute cow being walked through town by their owner.

Once I reached Arzua, the feelings of the Camino changed drastically. I suddenly saw far more pilgrims than I’ve seen anywhere on a Camino before (aside from in the square in front of the cathedral in Santiago). This year has been known to have more pilgrims than likely ever before – likely due to the fact that many had to delay their walk due to Covid in 2020 or 2021. I also suspect that more folks discovering the outdoors and hiking during Covid has had an impact on the numbers this year as well.

Just before leaving town I ran into Camino friends from Australia and Germany to and ended up walking a chunk of the day with them. Having that company was very welcomed and made for a fun day of chatting rather than focusing on any pain from walking.

After a short break I said my goodbyes and headed out on the last few kilometers to O Pedrouzo. Once there I showered, headed to the pharmacy to see what kind relief they could offer for my cough and then grabbed a meal with my friend from Belgium. Our friend from Texas joined and we caught up and made a plan for walking together into Santiago in the morning.

In a not so typical Camino day activity, I tuned in to the livestream of the Grinell College commencement. I did this to watch my brother receive an honorary doctorate and give a really great speech to the graduating class. Congrats and well done, Brother Love!

Now I’m just mainly relaxing in my pension room and may do some exploring around the town in a bit.

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