Day 12 – Ages to Burgos

I’m writing this from a comfortable hotel bed while Mary Poppins is playing in the background – in Spanish of course. Actually funny that this movie is on because I’ve been calling my friend Eva’s backpack her Mary Poppins bag. She very efficiently packed everything imaginable in her pack. It’s not even heavier than my backpack, so it must be a Mary Poppins bag.

I’m noticing how much others judge you based on what you wear or pack on the Camino. It’s not always bad, but interesting the different choices people make. I was judged all day today for my choice of shoes….flip flops. 😉 Sure, it’s not wise to wear flip flops on the Camino due to varying conditions for walking. But today was the first day in at least a week that my bad foot or bad knee didn’t hurt. Thank you, flip flops! However, for Europeans, flip flops are shoes you only wear for the shower. I’m hoping to change that trend and introduce my European friends to the amazingness of flip flops. 🙂 

Anyway, today has been a good day. I slept well last night and had a “lazy” morning – didn’t get on the road until 7am. The fog was very thick for the first hour when we walked through a cute village and up over a mountain. 

As we came down from the mountain back to farm fields the fog lifted and a nice sunny day appeared. We have been so lucky with the weather! I do think this will change after the Meseta, but I couldn’t have asked for better weather for the past 12 days. 

The walk into Burgos felt long since we had to go through the outskirts of the city first. Some pilgrims even opt to take a bus past this part. We walked past a very dead airport, then through a riverfront park for a few miles. This is a newer version of this stretch of the Camino – the old takes you through the industrial part of town. 

Finally reached downtown Burgos, which is very nice. We had to wait to check in to our hotel, so wandered around the cathedral hoping to see other pilgrims. We ran into a few that we may not see after today since they’re heading out of Burgos tomorrow. We’ll be getting dinner together later tonight. 

Tomorrow I plan to sleep in, be lazy, then explore some of Burgos. I do still need to get my 11,000 steps a day for my Fitbit goal. 😉

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