Day 10 – Santo Domingo to Belorado

After a not so great night of sleep in the monastery (uncomfortable old bed, the sound of snoring) we were off to Belorado.

The morning was beautiful and the walk was easy. 

The first break reminded me that someone should make a “Cats of the Camino” book or Instagram account. Maybe this already exists. Probably a third of the towns I’ve been in, I’ve seen random cats hanging out on the street, on rooftops, etc. 

The original plan was to go past Belorado, but the heat settled in early and knowing one of the albergues had a pool, we opted for a shorter day of 23km.  The scenery was beautiful as usual. 

We got to the albergue before it opened and were some of the first in line to get beds. Though we asked for bottom bunks, we were denied and had to take top bunks, in case old people happened to show up. Had we shown up later and they wanted to fill their beds, we would have gotten bottom bunks. The lady said I should do the walk in July when the old people don’t walk if I actually wanted to be comfortable…great advice. So I’ll have to deal with my fear of falling off a top bunk tonight. Then I got yelled at for wearing a t-shirt in the pool. As if many pilgrims pack swimming suits. After that I got to take a cold shower since the guy before me took forever. It’s the most expensive albergue yet. Go figure. So today’s not my favorite day on the Camino, but tomorrow is a new day. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Day 10 – Santo Domingo to Belorado

  1. So, when the bunk situation’s not the best, the shower water runs cold and the pool experience not so cool, it’s nice to know that you found comfort in your pizza! Have the best night possible, Annie!

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  2. I sure hope everything is as beautiful in person as it is in the pictures. Goodness that is a picturesque area. Thanks for sharing your journey with me/us, as I am thoroughly enjoying it. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Oh man, that last paragraph encapsulated some of my most angsty camino days!!! I tend to think back on it all looking through red wine-colored glasses. πŸ™‚ So it’s pretty cool to have to relive some of those less comfy days also. One step at a time, the ground will always be under your feet and you’ll be on your way tomorrow!

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