Day 22 – Leon to San Martin Del Camino 

If the original pilgrims wore these shoes, I think there’s nothing wrong with me wearing flip flops. 

Though I didn’t wear my flip flops on the Camino today. They just don’t quite cut it in the rain. Today was the first day since day 2 that it rained. That day was only a mist. Today the poncho was necessary. This was the one item I packed that I hoped I didn’t have to use. There’s a good chance I’ll have to use it again tomorrow. 

Today’s walk was not very exciting as a good chunk of it was just leaving Leon and its suburbs. There were sections where we had to walk on the highway with big semi trucks passing by. The rain started and then went. Then it started again in a big way. Along with thunderstorms and wind. 

We meant to take the scenic route of the Camino today and end up in another village, but the signs for the turn were not clear. So we followed the main Camino path and decided to walk an extra 4-5kms to get to a village with multiple albergue options. 

This actually works out well because tomorrow was originally going to be almost 30km, so now it’ll be a bit shorter. 

There is absolutely nothing to do in this village. So I’m longing for the TV that I had in my hotel room in Leon. I’ll just have to find some other way to kill time until dinner and bed. 

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