Day 21 – Leon

I don’t have too much to report today since this has been a rest day. I’ve definitely taken advantage of resting. Spending a majority of the day in my comfortable hotel room. The TV in here has an English option for all The American TV shows so I’ve watched my fair share of crime scene drama shows today. Currently watching Hawaii 5-O. 

I did venture out in the morning to find food and stopped to check out the Pantheon on the way. 

After lunch and more crime scene shows I headed out to check out the cathedral. It was closed for siesta so I had to check out the local micro brewery instead. Yay for IPA! Then it was off to the cathedral for a tour. 

I stopped by the Gaudi building and then had to get a second credential for the Camino from the municipal albergue. Each day you have to get your credential stamped to show proof that you walked it when you get to Santiago. The first one I brought from home is almost full. 

Will be getting dinner soon and then settling in for an early night. Time to get back on the road tomorrow! Only 12-13 days left until Santiago. I’ll be arriving on either June 26 or 27 depending on how much I walk each day. 

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