Camino Day 23 – San Martin Del Camino to Astorga

I’ve found a place I’d like to vacation to someday. Astorga is one of the cutest tourist towns located in some pretty beautiful countryside. The walk here today was one of my favorite days on the Camino in a while. Sure, the Meseta has its own beauty and charm, but let’s face it – it’s kinda boring after about a day. Then the two days of trekking into and out of Leon were the least exciting walks of the Camino so far. 

I’m entering the final chapter of my Camino, which is exciting and also a bit sad at the same time. I can’t wait to get back to my own bed, a decent shower every day (with full sized towels!), more variety of food and the job and friends I love in Seattle. But I’m also sad thinking that I have only about 12 days left of one of the most incredible experiences of my life. 

My job currently is to walk every day. My body is conditioned for it now. I can walk 15 miles and then head out of my albergue to walk some more even after I’ve reached my destination. I’m able to sleep slightly well in rooms of 12-20 people from all over the world. I wake up at 6 not dreading the day but interested to see what it has to offer for scenery and wondering who I will meet. 

Today we took the scenic detour and it was worth every minute and every hill. 

We walked through the adorable town of Hospital De Orbigo. Definitely a place worth visiting again. Then up through the hills to reach our final destination of Astorga. 

The village of Astorga has a beautiful cathedral, a famous museum designed by Gaudi and a chocolate museum. I likely only have time to visit one of these. I do love chocolate, but I’ll likely opt for Gaudi. 😉

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