Day 20 – Mansilla to Leon

I don’t really have a lot to report today. The walk from Mansilla to Leon was definitely the worst walk of the entire Camino so far. 

It wasn’t pretty, it was super windy and I just wanted to get to Leon. The guidebook I’ve been following suggests that it’s better to take a bus into Leon rather than walking it. I wouldn’t have taken a bus, but I am glad that today is not typical of the Camino. 

I don’t mean to sound too harsh on the day, but I’ve been too spoiled by all the others. 🙂

I am excited to discover Leon over today and tomorrow. I’m taking my second and final rest day before taking on Galicia (mountains and likely rain). 

This is the view from my hotel…

I think it’ll do.

I’m headed off now to meet up with Camino friends to watch Spain play Czech Republic. Since two of those friends are Czech, not sure who I’ll root for yet. 🙂

I’ll report more on Leon tomorrow! 

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