Day 17 – Carrion to Terredillos de Los Templarios

So I’d like to say I have something to report for today, but I really don’t. Today was just a day of walking. Sure, that’s everyday on the Camino, but really there was nothing interesting about today. We did walk 17 km without a village – so no bathrooms, no mercados, no cafes/bars. The Meseta is boring but still beautiful in its own way. 

But wait, something exciting did just happen! As I’m sitting here writing this with three other women I met on my first evening in St. Jean, Kate is performing “surgery” on her blister. There’s always a great debate on how to treat them. Compeed is what some swear by, but others like the needle and thread approach. Eva has become very knowledgable on both methods with her blisters so she just walked Kate through the experience. Sorry if the image below is too graphic but I think sharing all aspects of the Camino are important. 🙂

So because today was not exciting, I’ll go back to last night in Carrion. We were lucky enough to get to stay at the Santa Maria albergue run by Augustine Nuns. They keep a nice albergue, but more importantly they’re known as the singing nuns. Each night at 6pm, everyone who wants gathers in the entry of the building and the Sisters lead the group in songs. They sing some of their regular songs and then they ask the crowd to sing their own songs. 

They have amazing voices and play a variety of instruments. After the song time, I attended the pilgrim’s mass where we were blessed by the nuns and given hand colored stars as a gift. 

If you ever do the Camino, or even just part of it, make sure you stay at Santa Maria in Carrion. 

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