Day 18 – Terredillos de Los Templarios to Bercianos del Real Camino

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. Two Germans, Two Czech girls, a French woman, an Irishman and two Americans walk into a bar. It’s just another day on the Camino. I’m sitting on the patio of a bar in a sleepy Spanish town with new Camino friends. I don’t know everyone at the table but that’s the Camino. 

I’ve decided that the Camino is like being at a moving summer camp. Every town you go to you see your new friends. You sleep in a wide variety of settings. You go to the Pilgrim’s meal with your new friends, etc. 

Today was a good, easy day. Only 23 km, so a little over a half marathon distance wise. The countryside was a little more interesting today over yesterday. We had a stop through a larger city, Sahagun. They are currently having a big city festival with a carnival, running of the bulls through the city and bullfights in the stadium. 

Here was the coolest thing I saw today…

Tomorrow is another day, but may be exciting because the two different paths of the Camino from today will come back together. So will likely see more familiar faces again tomorrow. 

The fun thing is I already have plans with friends for Monday in Leon. A bunch of us are planning to go to a bar to watch Spain play against Czech Republic in the Euro Cup. 

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