Day 16 – Boadilla deal Camino to Carrion 

Two Irishmen, a Polish man, a German, two Czech girls and two Americans walk into a bar. It’s not a joke, it’s just the Camino. I’m sitting at lunch being rude by writing my blog, but they have fast wifi so I have to take advantage. Other than the German, I just met all these people yesterday. I’m sharing a room with four of them tonight.

Today started off right with the most beautiful sunrise. 

Today was the best day walking in three days. It was hot but not nearly as hot as the last two days. We only had to walk 25 km instead of the 28-32 of the last two days. It was awesome! 

We arrived to Carrion in time to get beds in the Santa Maria albergue. This albergue is famous for its singing nuns. The nuns told me they will be singing at 6pm. So I plan to be there! Apparently this albergue is sponsored by the Seattle area chapter of the American Pilgrims. 

The film crew made it to town shortly after we did, but I don’t think my flip flops are going to be famous again today. 

Tomorrow we have a 17km stretch that has no services. No bars, no cafes, no bathrooms. We will have to prepare today for that part of the Camino. It should be fun! 

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