Day 13 – Burgos

Today was a rest day and it was delightful. Though my body is used to the routine of walking an average of 15 miles a day now, having a day to relax was amazing. 

Of course I still walked almost 9 miles today anyway. When there is a new city to explore, I can’t just sit around all day. 

I spent most of the morning walking around exploring Burgos – visiting the castle on the hill, touring the cathedral and finding lunch. After that I spent almost all afternoon enjoying my fancy hotel room. 🙂 

In the late afternoon I walked to the famous monastery which was closed but looked beautiful from the outside. Then it was off to the plaza to write postcards and people watch. 

I just got back from dinner with Eva and Kate where we had the most amazing pasta.

Those carbs will come in handy tomorrow as we’re planning on a 32km day. Bring on the Meseta!

2 thoughts on “Day 13 – Burgos

  1. Pasta looks good (what’s in it?). Also, has anyone ever told you that your photos are amazing? I think you may have heard it a time or two, but they just keep getting better with each day. Sleep well.

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