Day 14 – Burgos to Hontanas 

My flip flops are going to be famous! Most of today’s 32km walk included the German film crew that I saw in Burgos yesterday. They are documenting the journey of a couple German TV stars (not sure who they are) as they walk part of the Camino. 

Today’s filming included some drone footage (that I may be in) along with stops along the Camino. When they realized Eva was from Germany they interviewed her. Later when they realized I switched to flip flops, the filmed my feet walking on the Camino. See, I will make flip flops popular in Europe!!! 

Today felt much shorter than it was distance wise until the last 5km. Our Dutch friend Ron joined us for part of the day, then later Luis from Mallorca joined us for the last portion. Luis just started his Camino today from Burgos. 

Our rest day in Burgos did mean we are now a day behind many of the familiar faces. So now we will meet new pilgrims. It’s possible that we will walk enough extra each day to catch up with the Camino crowd we already know over the next few days. But meeting new people is all part of the experience. 

We are now in the Meseta portion of the Camino, so it’s the dry, flat plateau region. It’s known to be a bit boring. So far it’s still been beautiful but the villages are fewer and farther between. Those that don’t have enough time will take a bus skip this portion. 

My home for the evening seems good. It’s a very small village. The temperature is now 30 degrees Celsius so I’m happy to be done walking for the day. 

2 thoughts on “Day 14 – Burgos to Hontanas 

  1. Wow!! I just read your blog from one end to the other!! Your pictures are amazing! The journey is amazing!! I am friends with your Aunt Joyce!! I will keep you in my prayers for a safe and wonderful journey! Thank you so much for this blog!!

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