Day 11: Rest Day in Lugo

Today is a much needed rest day. In the spirit of resting, I didn’t leave the couch of my apartment until about 11:30. Once I left, I got my stamp at the cathedral and then another one at the tourist office. I then walked the 3rd century wall around the main part of the city. It’s a 2km walk so not quite on par with a full Camino day.

Once finished I joined my friend from Belgium for pizza. So nice to have something other than the pilgrim’s menu. I then heard our Irish friend was at a bar right outside my apartment so we headed there and are having some drinks with him. I do love that I ended up with an accommodation so close to where all the pilgrims have been meeting.

Anyway mostly just pictures from around Lugo today. Mostly enjoying time with pilgrims this afternoon and evening.

Tomorrow shouldn’t be too hard of a day. It’ll be my last night in an albergue for this Camino. After that I’ve booked hotels or pensions since it’ll be so busy when our route joins the French Way.

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