Day 10: O’Cadavo to Lugo

30.2 km / 18.9 miles

I hit the 100km mark! As I got into Lugo, I had taken a break to put my flip flops on and while I had, my friends from Texas and Ireland had caught up to me. We celebrated with selfies at the 100km marker.

After nearly 19 miles of walking I was very happy to reach Lugo. I’ll have a rest day here tomorrow where I’m excited to explore this walled city. Apparently you can walk the top of the wall for a 2km journey. I can never seem to sit still on my Camino rest days so I’m looking forward to doing that and other exploring on my day off.

Today started out with another beautiful morning. The sunrise made for a good start to leaving O’Cadavo. Today was mostly “flat” so even though it was the longest day yet, it didn’t have the elevation gain and loss that we’ve been used to.

I only stopped at one bar on the way for a coke, which was almost at the halfway mark. After that I just stayed on the course. I talked to a German pilgrim for a little bit after getting stuck in a traffic jam of cows with him. But other than that, I didn’t chat with many folks until getting to Lugo.

The traffic in Spain wasn’t moooving that fast. 😃

When I arrived at my apartment, I had to wait for someone to show up to check me in. Luckily a Camino friend from Australia was sitting at a restaurant near the front door of my apartment so I got to have company for the wait. At least a few of the folks I know will be taking a rest day here in Lugo so I should know some pilgrims in the city while I’m here and already have dinner plans for tomorrow night.

View from my apartment.

My apartment here is fantastic. It even has a washing machine! I also look out over one of the popular restaurant and bar areas near the cathedral and main square. Really happy with finding this place!

5 thoughts on “Day 10: O’Cadavo to Lugo

  1. Hi Annie, BEAUTIFUL photos of your walk to Lugo. The Bovine Traffic Jam made me LAUGH Out LOUD. ADORABLE guard dogs.
    Thrilled to hear that your Rest Day apartment is FABULOUS and so centrally located. Enjoy exploring Lugo. The Wall is Most Impressive.
    I recall walking the wall in Lucca, Italy. Lugo’s wall is older, more elaborate and Famous.
    ENJOY your Rest day and visiting with Friends.

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  2. Such beautiful photos! They’re giving me renewed motivation to wake up earlier when I travel to experience the morning light 🙂 Yay for laundry days!

    Liked by 1 person

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