Day 4 – Ponte de Lima to Rubiães

Can I just say yay for short days?! After three long days, having a 12+ mile day was so delightful. The scenery only made it better. Sure, there was a mountain to climb, but being in nature in the mountains was worth the work of the climb.

We started off later this morning because we knew we had a shorter walk. Unfortunately due to Laurel’s broken toe, we had to say our goodbyes to Laurel and Craig. Though it was a tough decision for her, it was the right one. Her toe wasn’t able to heal and so she wasn’t able to enjoy the walk. So the two of them opted to make the most of their vacation time doing something somewhere in Europe that doesn’t require use of ten working toes. We will miss them but I want them to enjoy their vacation time.

It was a beautiful day to walk the Camino. Warm and sunny but not uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean I didn’t sweat…cause I sweat a lot today while climbing the 405 meters. The climb was steep in parts, but I felt good. The view was definitely worth it.

Tonight we are staying in a small village. I’m not sure what the restaurant situation is in the area. But for now we are all enjoying beers, snacks and watching Germany and Korea play in the World Cup. With three Germans in our crowd, I’ll opt to root for Germany. 🙂

Knowing that a new geocaching promotion is starting today I was keeping an eye on geocaches to find along the way. There aren’t many in the area but I found one along the route and it looks like there’s another one in the village that I’ll try to look for after the game.

Tomorrow we will reach the border of Spain. Likely we will stay one more night in Portugal as we’ve heard the Portuguese side of the border is more interesting but then that sets us up for a long walk the next day.

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