Day 3 – Barcelinhos to Ponte de Lima

I have three blisters. Two years ago I walked for five weeks and only got one blister at the end. But today alone, I was gifted with three blisters. Also my legs and feet are dead tired. Fitbit currently has me at 24 miles for the day. And I may still walk to get dinner.

The savior after walking until my feet felt like they could fall off was that Laurel, Justine and Maurice had tracked down a great place for us to stay. The albergues in town were all full but they found a place that even though it feels plain, it’s like living in luxury. This is the view from the room Justine and I are staying in…

Today I woke up early after a surprisingly good night’s sleep on a bed that some rocks feel softer than. I felt motivated to get going. So I took off ahead of the group. I walked fast and took few breaks as I wanted to get to our destination as early as I could. The countryside was endless fields of corn and grape vines set alongside mountains full of eucalyptus trees.

I saw very few pilgrims throughout the day and even less cafes or bars along the way. Of the 21 mile walk, I only stopped twice for short breaks.

It was worth it to get to Ponte de Lima early as the town is the oldest villa in Portugal, has an amazing Roman bridge and is just a great place to explore.

Now I debate between going to dinner…more walking….or just going to bed.

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