Day 1 – Porto to Vila do Conde

57,000 steps and 24.3 miles after leaving Porto I’m finding myself sitting at a cafe with Laurel and Craig drinking a refreshing Super Bock and waiting for the rest of our Camino family to head to dinner. Today was a the longest day of walking I’ve ever done. I’ve run a marathon before but never walked that many miles. My longest training day before this was 14 miles. Honestly even though I’m tired and my feet are sore, I feel good for putting in a 24 mile day.

It was foggy as we left Porto this morning, so much so that we couldn’t see the other side of the river as we left town. It was foggy through half the walk today so the views were limited. In the afternoon the fog lifted and we had some great views of the ocean. We passed beach after beach and several beach villages.

During our walk we met three other pilgrims all from Germany, but each walking alone. By lunch they had all joined us. Two of them were headed to our same village today and ended up booking our same hostel.

As we arrived in Vila do Conde the locals had arranged a parade for us. Well, I guess they may have had their parade with or without us, but it was nice to arrive into town with a marching band playing for us.

Tomorrow is another long day so we will be headed to bed early. First up is looking for dinner.

Normally I’d want to explore a town more but I think after today’s distance I’ll stick close to our hostel.

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