Day 8 – Logroño to Najera

My feet are just about dead. Today was nearly 30km of walking. It was a beautiful day for that kind of walk and there weren’t too many hills. I did switch to my flip flops about 2/3rds the way through to spare my feet. 

We got an early start, partially because we wanted to leave early knowing it was a long day and partly because the loud snorers in our room got up at 5:30. They were just as loud awake as they were asleep. 

The time went by quickly all day so we covered a lot of ground before taking our first break for caffeine. 

It’s always interesting to see what the different cities and villages do to mark the Camino path. Mostly you see a yellow arrow, but in some of the cities they personalize the directions like the plaque in the ground from Navarrete. 

We took the 1km side track to Ventosa and that was worth the extra walking. We were surrounded by grape fields for the different wineries most of the day. If you drink a Spanish wine, there’s a good chance I have or will be walking past the grapes for that wine. 

The final stretch into Najera was long, but we ran into the father and son from the US that were in our albergue on the first night. I think we will all go to dinner together with another housemate from the first night later this evening. 

I’d love to come back to Najera someday when my feet weren’t so tired. It’s a beautiful city with red rocks for a backdrop. 

I’m sitting at the cocina of my albergue and friends and I started reading the comments left by other pilgrims last year on the wall. What do I find? A comment left by MissJenn. She is my friend and sits across from me at work. 🙂

Still feeling great overall! Tomorrow is a shorter day so it should help my feet recover from today. 

6 thoughts on “Day 8 – Logroño to Najera

  1. OMG!
    I really liked that albergue!!!! I was there on my wedding anniversary date ❤ hence the Metallica quote is even more relevant (but you likely figured out all those connections already.)

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