Day 7 – Torres del Rio to Logroño

I hesitate to write the blog now because it feels like so little has happened. It’s 2pm and I’m already checked into my albergue in Logroño, already showered and thinking about what I will do with my time now. 

Today’s walk, though short (12-13 miles), was a bit more frustrating because the guide showed only a couple hills, but it felt like there were many and some very steep. The scenery was also less exciting, as I can tell from how few pictures I took. 

However once we got into the town of Viana life on the Camino got better. We had snacks and explored the historic city. I found a geocache and then we were on our way. 

It was a pretty easy walk to Logroño after Viana, so the time moved by quickly. We checked into an albergue recommended by another pilgrim and are very happy with it. Our room has been completely redone and everything smells new and clean. It’s a 10 person room and currently I’m the only one not from Germany. This feels like some of my work trips. 🙂 The view from here is great…

I’ll be heading outside to explore soon and tapas are on the menu for dinner tonight! 

Can’t believe I’m already a week into my Camino. Just four more weeks and I’ll be in Santiago. I know there will be a lot of boring days ahead on the Meseta, but so far I’m loving this adventure. 

3 thoughts on “Day 7 – Torres del Rio to Logroño

  1. As I sit here drinking my morning coffee, and wondering what I will do today, I can’t possibly think any part of your trip is Boring. That last picture of the view from your room was amazing.

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