Day 2 – Roncesvalles to Larrasoaña

Today was an “easy” day. Easy until we saw that last sign that said 2km to our destination. We thought for sure we were almost there. Oh well, all checked in now at a comfortable albergue in Larrasoaña. 

While beautiful, today was not as picturesque as yesterday. I’ll be surprised if any day can beat the beauty of crossing the Pyrenees. 

In the morning we walked on a nice forest  trail, through farm country where we shared the road with horses, since that was their home. We walked through various cute villages and then up through the mountains. 

By early afternoon we crossed the famous holy bridge in to Zubiri. I took my shoes off and soaked them in the river, along with my phone. The phone miraculously still works. In Zubiri we met up with housemates from our first night and had a nice break there for drinks and snacks. 

The popular Brierley guide maps out the days for you if you want to follow it and be done in about 34 days. That guide suggests you stay in Zubiri, but we moved on to a recommended albergue in Larrasoaña. It was worth the extra 5km walk, as now we have a short walk to Pamplona. Since it’s a short walk, I’ll likely do a tour of Pamplona and head on farther tomorrow. I will definitely be stopping at the famous Hemingway bar where his sculpture is before moving on. 

As we were sitting outside the albergue eating dinner, I realized that 8 of the people from our house of 20 the first night all ended up here at the same place. Even though we walk at different paces we are still connected. It makes me appreciate the family style albergue in St. Jean. 

Though tired, my feet are still in good shape and I’m ready for more walking again tomorrow. I like to think that’s because I switched to my flip flops for the last 5km today. 😉

NOTE: I was finally able to upload photos for yesterday’s post, so see below for those. 

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