Day 1 – St. Jean to Roncesvalles 

Today was a day. It was challenging. It was beautiful. It was rewarding. Mother Nature acted in our favor – it was absolutely the perfect weather for the 15+ miles we walked. My Fitbit says I’m closer to 18 miles….it’s usually a mile or so over the actual distance though. Either way, my feet know they got a work out. 
I walked all day with Eva from Germany. She was on my shuttle from the airport and one of my roommates in St. Jean. We were both anxious to get going so left at 6:45am. On the walk, we met people from all over Europe and the United States. We powered through the day and arrived at Roncesvalles around 2:30pm.

We walked through sheep and horse fields. Even saw a few new baby horses! 

The albergue I’m in is definitely not as “family” style as the one last night but it has everything I need. Here is my “house”for tonight…

I paid the 3.50 euro to have my clothes washed and dried for me – worth every penny! Dinner is at 7 and then there’s a pilgrim’s mass after. We will see if can stay awake that! 

4 thoughts on “Day 1 – St. Jean to Roncesvalles 

  1. I am loving this, so thank you for taking your time to let me live vicariously through your words. Glad you had a good first walking day, I hope it continues. 😉


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