A long but smooth day of travel.

The view flying into OVD

It was a long day of traveling since leaving LAX airport around 6pm yesterday. I think I arrived at my hotel after two flights and a bus ride around 7pm today. Everything went about as smoothly as it could have, so even if it was a long day, I’m ending it happy. The views flying into OVD and then from the bus to Oviedo were very beautiful. It made me excited to be exploring a new part of Spain.

Current view.

I’m writing this from a restaurant across the street from my hotel in Oviedo. When you order a beer or wine in Spain it’s customary to get some sort of tapas/snack to go with it. I have no idea what I just ate on that plate, but it was fantastic. I have a hamberguesa (hamburger) on the way.

I’m still trying to determine if I’ll start walking tomorrow and if I do, where I’ll start from. The way my travel plans worked out, I can add 1-2 extra days of walking on to the main Camino Primitivo route. So the choice is where to start. If I only start one day ahead of Oviedo, I can spare an extra day somewhere later on for either a rest day or to break up one longer day into two. Right now, I think I’m leaning toward that option. But I’ll do some reading in my guidebook after dinner to set my final plans.

Shells like these guide the way through Oviedo.

I’ve already wandered around Oviedo a bit for some exploring and taking pictures. I found the cathedral not too far from my hotel that the Camino route leads pilgrims past. As my aunt and uncle mentioned, Oviedo is a neat place to explore.

It’ll be an early night in for me after my burger, as I only got about an hour total sleep between my two flights here. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so I could see that playing a last minute role in what my final plan for tomorrow ends up being.

Hoping that by the end of tomorrow I’ll have my first stamps in my credencial and have had the chance to meet some other pilgrims.

8 thoughts on “A long but smooth day of travel.

  1. I think you are a gifted writer. I want you to write a book about all your adventures, ok?

    By the way, I am a friend of your mom’s friend Jean Tobin, so I’m not just some strange interloper!!! And my neighbors Jim and Cindy Cook are doing their second Camino in September…..I live vicariously thru your lovely photos and commentary.

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