Day 6: Tui to Mos

15.5 miles

6:00am to 1pm walking time

We hit under the 100km mark today!

It’s weird to already have less than a 100km to walk. The time always goes by faster than you realize even if your body hurts from the walking. Today I felt some knee pain at one point and later foot pain. But the last 6km from O Porrino to Mos, I was feeling good. Even so, I was so happy to see Mos when we arrived.

We started at 6am, which was actually 5am Portugal time. So it felt early and the sky matched how early it felt. It was us and the stars as we left Tui.

It was very peaceful walking so early even if you couldn’t see much for views along the way. Even better it was a comfortable temperature to walk in. Being late in summer, it’s been getting almost unbearably warm for walking around noon or 1pm.

At one point of the walk a busker was getting ready to start their day next to a stream. We sat there while he warmed up and took in a few songs before we headed on our way.

Sometimes it’s these little moments on the Camino that make you realize that you’re in the place you should be. These moments are what make the Camino so special.

Other than some neat old Roman paths and bridges I’d say today wasn’t one of the better scenery days, but even the meh days on the Camino still have their beauty.

Now that we are in Spain, things are more expensive. Though compared to the United States, still extremely affordable. But often beverages come with snack food (same in Portugal). At our last stop today, for every beverage we ordered, we got a slice of Spanish tortilla. It’s a traditional Spanish dish of egg, potatoes and onions. By the time we done ordering our beverages we had about two slices of tortilla per person. It’s an easy way to not go hungry on the Camino!

Our albergue tonight is really nice and our room even has its own balcony looking over the “city.” Downtown Mos seems to consist of about 10-15 buildings so there’s not much to do here and that’s kinda nice. We got to wash our clothes in a real washer. Much better than hand washing any day! Sometimes it’s the little things.

Tomorrow there’s talk of a pretty short day. I think we are all ready for that. As for now, we’re sitting on a patio with our Estrella Galicia beer and chatting. Loving it!

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