Day 7 – Redondela to Pontevedra

Just watching my beloved Argentina lose to France in the World Cup. A few pilgrims, an Englishman and some Brazilians have been sitting here watching the game, but I’m the only one that was rooting for Argentina. Watching the World Cup in Europe is incredibly fun. So many different cultures coming together in bars around the cities to take in the world’s game. What could be better?

We ended up in this croquette restaurant because we ended up in the albergue next door. How did we end up there? We were walking door to door to hotels and hostels in the city because the only albergues we knew of were far outside the city center in a very boring part of town. As we were getting frustrated in our search a local man walked up to us to ask if we were trying to find an albergue/hostel. It turns out his parents just opened a place 15 days ago and it was only a couple blocks away. Brand new albergue? Why not…especially when you’re tired of walking.

Today was another blur of a day to be honest. It’s the first day that my mind was tired. My body feels fine, but mental exhaustion from the days of walking has caught up with me. Maybe it was the gray skies, the weird night of sleep where snorers, thunderstorms and high temperatures in the albergue kept waking me up. Or maybe walking roughly 175 km in six days just messes with your brain. Either way, I was tired.

It was beautiful scenery yet again today. We had two small mountains to climb today and the humid weather didn’t make it easy.

We got rained on a couple times but not enough to warrant getting my poncho out. Mostly it was pleasant for walking and taking in the countryside and Camino decorations along the way.

Again we walked on old Roman roads. Some that even showed grooves of wagon wheels. It’s neat knowing that the path you’re walking has been traveled on for centuries.

Pontevedra is a larger city and is several steps away from the typical pilgrim feel. It’s busy with locals and tourists instead of a small town overrun by pilgrims. You still see people you recognize walking the city streets, but not in the same way as the small villages where the only two restaurant choices are filled with pilgrims you’ve been seeing on The Way.

Tomorrow is another short day I believe. I’ve honestly only been looking at the guidebook the morning of. Hoping the threat of rain tomorrow holds off.

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