Day 26 – Ponferrada to Villafranca Del Bierzo

I’m sitting at the local bar/cafe with some of my roommates for tonight. Eva and I were lucky enough to be adopted by an amazing group of people. It’s possible we may not stay together until Santiago, but I’m enjoying the now while I can. 

Today was a beautiful day through wine country. One of my coworkers who walked the Camino said this was one of their favorite sections and I can see why. It’s beautiful with all the mountains and vineyards. 

We got a late start today, which was ok because we had reservations at an albergue for tonight. Along with our late start we also took some long breaks. It’s easy to do when you’re meeting such nice people. I think everyone here is using the opportunity to be there person they want to be. And with that, they’re open to meeting new people regardless of age, country of origin, gender, religious preference, etc. You kind of have to be since you may be sharing a bunk with that person tomorrow. I kind of wish everyone in the world could experience this. I think there would be more acceptance in the world if people had to be pushed out of their comfort zone like this. 

Anyway, staying in yet another cute village in Spain tonight. I do think I need to revisit a lot of these villages someday when I’m not walking the Camino. It would be nice to explore them when I haven’t walked 15 miles already. 

Tomorrow will be a hard day. It’ll be nearly 3000 feet elevation gain and 30kms. Hopefully I can find some pasta for dinner! 

Btw, here’s the cat that lives at our albergue tonight. 

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