Day 5 – Puenta la Reina to Ayegui

Sitting in the basement of an old gym in probably the creepiest place I’ve ever had to try to sleep. This is my albergue for tonight. All I can say, is I deserve a night in a hotel soon. There are a total of 5 other people staying here. Two older men, a couple and my new friend Eva. Oh,  6 others if you count the dead spider on my bed. 

Oh well, this will make me stronger right? Now the Italian couple is taking pictures to show their friends and family how creepy the place is. 

Anyway, other than a weird place to sleep, the day was good. Another beautiful morning that led us through cute little villages.

In the first one we visited, I noticed that a bunch of older guys were starting to gather, including one with an accordion. Shortly after they left, an older woman told us in Spanish that they’d be performing down the street at 8. So we walked down to watch them before leaving. The same woman explained to us that they walk around the whole village to wake everyone up. Then they all feast on bacon and eggs. 

The rest of the day was more beautiful countryside and cute villages. 

Tomorrow will be a long day, but I think my body is getting used to the Camino. Still have no blisters or ailments other than my usual knee pain flaring up on occasion. I am finding that switching to my flip flops for the last bit of walking gives my feet the incentive they need to keep going. 

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